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Please HELP, FIC search

Hello :)
I'm looking for a fic I was absolutely enamored with.
I read it on, one shot.
It wasn't exactly yaoi, but it was about Tsume and Toboe, after serie.
They met in the "waiting world" before Paradise and were playing
around, then it was time for the old world to "close" and for them to
separate and there was Tsume clinging to Toboe saying stuff like
"Don't leave me".
After that, the world was reborn and all 4 wolves + Cheza met in a bar
or something, it ended with Tsume and Toboe going off on Tsume's bike.

I know this sounds rather confusing, but I miss that story!
And I can't find it anymore!
Anyone knows what I'm talking about?

Please help *pout*


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